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We offer standard and custom gearboxes and reducers for industrial and specialty applications. Our gearbox lines are one of the most extensive lines offered, having a solution for every power transmission need.

Most gearboxes and reducers are available in cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Call us at 630-858-7700 for help picking the right gearbox for your machine.

Gearboxes/ Reducers

Worm Gear / Hollow Output

Right Angle Gear Reducer


In-line Concentric

Square Worm Gear

Helical- Inline 

Parallel Shaft

We not only offer an extensive line of gearboxes and reducers/ multipliers, but we service them too.

Our shop is capable of cleaning up and rebuilding most gearboxes. From replacing bearings and seals to making new shafts, we can handle your repair.

Gear RatioMultipliers

Cast Iron Multipliers/ Reducers

Off-Set/ Parallel Reducers

Aluminum Multipliers/ Reducers

Gearbox Accessories