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DC motors were the first type widely used, since they could be powered from existing direct-current lighting power distribution systems. A DC motor's speed can be controlled over a wide range, using either a variable supply voltage or by changing the strength of current in its field windings. Larger DC motors are used in propulsion of electric vehicles, elevator and hoists, or in drives for steel rolling mills. The advent of power electronics has made replacement of DC motors with AC motors possible in many applications.

Complete and proper repair of DC Motors is more than changing brushes. At Goding Electric we take the time to test and diagnose your motor throughout the repair cycle. Windings are washed and baked to remove any grounding, allowing us to surge test and check your motor for any shorts or permanent grounds. We will rewind field, interpoles, and armatures if needed. Every armature has its commutator turned down and undercut to insure a nice smooth surface for the brushes to ride on. Speaking of brushes, we will work with you to get the best brush grade for your motor's application.

We also service the blowers, encoders, tachometers, brakes, and clutches you might have attached to the motor.  Call us to have your motor picked up, 630-858-7700.

We also carry a large variety of new and rebuilt DC motors. Call us with some basic information found on the nameplate:

  • Motor frame size
  • Horse power
  • Speed
  • Armature voltage
  • Field voltage
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