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AC motors are the workhorse of today's modern machinery. Running on alternating current, AC motors have a stationary stator producing a rotating primary magnetic field and inside a rotor attached to the motor shaft creating a secondary magnetic field. The relationship between the two magnetic fields creates the motor's speed and torque characteristics.

AC motor rebuilding is done in a very efficient process at Goding Electric. Every AC motor goes through the same basic steps to guarantee your motor will be operating as good or better than before.

  • Visual inspection of motor
  • Test run if possible
  • Dismantle, Clean, and Inspect
  • Test winding
  • If winding is bad it gets rewound
  • Wash and dry the good  winding
  • Machinist measures all bearing fits
  • Any necessary machine work done
  • New bearings and seals installed
  • Assemble, Test, and Paint

New AC Motors

Sometimes you just need a new motor. Maybe you have a new machine or it is more cost effective compared to repair.

We stock 100's of motors in fractional to multi-hundred horsepower from multiple manufacturers. If by chance we don't have what you need we can normally have it within 24 hours.

Useful information to have:

  • Horsepower or Kilowatt size
  • Motor speed
  • Motor Frame size
  • Voltage requirements

NEMA Frame size chart

IEC Frame size chart

We can also customize a motor to fit your application needs. Call us for personalized attention. 630-858-7700

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